The N
The N logo
Launched April 1, 2002
Owned by MTV Networks
Picture format 480p (SDTV)

1080p (HDTV)

Slogan Real. Life. Now.

United States

Headquarters New York City
Formerly called Night Time on Noggin
Sister channel(s) Nickelodeon
DirecTV 298 (New Chan. 303)
Dish Network 169 (New Chan. 177)
Available on most cable systems Check local listings

The N is a television channel in the United States aimed at teenagers Running from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m EST. The channel Is owned by Viacom and was launched on April 1, 2002. During the day, the channel is known as Noggin, which is targeted toward pre-schoolers. The channel was founded as Noggin by Viacom and Sesame Workshop, with the latter eventually selling their stake in the company to Viacom.

During the beginning, The N ran completely commercial free, like most of Viacom's other digital cable channels. The channel broke programs only to run self-promotion spots for the channel and other shows on it, and occasionally to run music videos. In May 2004, The N began running commercials for products targeted at the channel's market.

The N is known to censor its programming. Even Viacom-controlled programming such as Daria has been further edited in The N reruns, compared to the original MTV airing. Many music videos shown on The N censor certain parts of the music videos for shirts with suggestive logos and improper hand gestures. Initially, Two Season 3 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation did not air due to the subject of abortion, but The N premiered the hour special in August 2006 during a marathon.

The N Has a vaiety of different programming. When The N Was Launched, The goal from viacom was "To help teenagers In every day life with real things that happen now" Alot of people disagree on this saying that The N Has become more and more Fake since late 2004. The N Has cancelled series such as Daria and Radio Free Roscoe, To replace time for new shows such as Summerland and Dawson's Creek, which has caused alot of controversy.

Initially, The N was completely commercial-free, like most of Viacom's other digital cable channels, the channel only broke programs to run self-promotion spots and spots for their programs. Eventually, they began to run music videos, and then in May 2004, The N began running commercials.

In October 2006, Viacom bought the quiz website Quizilla. It then became a part of The N 'network'.

It was announced in August 2007 that on December 31, 2007 Nickelodeon GAS would be pulled from digital cable channel lineup and become an online-only channel. It was then announced that The N would split itself from Noggin and become a 24-hour channel replacing Nick GAS. Noggin will likewise become a 24-hour channel as well with the departure of programming from The N.

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