The Mighty B! (season 2)
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 20
Original network Nick Jr. (2009–2010)

Noggin (2010–2011)

Original release September 21, 2009 – June 12, 2011
Season chronology
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Season 1

The second season of The Mighty B! began airing in the United States on Nick Jr. on September 21, 2009 and the final episode aired on June 12, 2011. In September 2008, the show was renewed for a second season with 20 half-hour episodes.[1] Episodes 41 through 53 air on Nick Jr. and episodes 54 to 75 aired on Noggin.

Nickelodeon's animation president Brown Johnson talked about the show, quoting: "The Mighty B! has become a break-out hit for Nick Jr., complimenting and strengthening our powerhouse Saturday morning line-up [...] Fans can look forward to more of Bessie's dare-to-be-different attitude this season as she chases new badges and comes closer to her dream of becoming the Mighty B."

Noticeable ChangesEdit

  • Animation quality changed from first season.
  • Bessie has tanner skin in this season.
  • Happy has darker blue fur.


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No. in


Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date
Nick Jr.
21 1 "Catatonic" Erik Wiese & Alex Kirwan Cynthia True & Erik Wiese Sunil Hall & Carey Yost October 25, 2009

When Bessie dresses up as a cat for Halloween, she gets so into character that Happy can just barely resist chasing her. Note: This episode was quietly sunsetted by Nickelodeon because of some "furry" lifestyle undertones. It no longer appears on television, but the episode is available for online streaming on Amazon OnDemand and iTunes. Final Appearances: Fritz

22a 2a "What's the Frequency, Bessie?" Erik Wiese Mike Bell Aaron Paetz September 25, 2009
Bessie begins to receive radio signals after the dentist puts in an abnormally large filling she received.
22b 2b "Bee Nice" Erik Wiese Jessica Gao Katie Rice & Eddie Trigueros September 24, 2009
Bessie is worried that she has too much bad karma, so she kills everyone with kindness in order to get rid of it.

Final Appearances: Mr. Wu

23a 3a "Dirty Happy" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Brendan Hay Justin Nichols September 21, 2009
When Happy refuses to take a bath, Bessie tries everything to trick him into cleaning, but he's one step ahead of her.
23b 3b "Tour D'Alcatraz" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Richard Pursel & Brendan Hay Kirk Tingblad, Mark Colangelo & David Gemmill September 23, 2009
Bessie takes Happy on a tour to Alcatraz to teach him not to sneak off, But their confused tour guide mistakes Bessie and Penny for two escaped criminals, the tables turn and it's Bessie who ends up needing to get out of the prison.
24a 4a "Hairy Situation" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Sunil Hall, Frank Molieri & Fred Gonzales September 22, 2009
When Bessie and Happy accidentally drink Hippie's hair potion and end up unable to keep their hair from growing out of control, their friendship is put to the test as they fight over who should get the cure.
24b 4b "B Plus One" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Julia Miranda Carey Yost January 16, 2010
When Bessie wins two free tickets to a rock concert,everyone wants to go with her.
25a 5a "Bad to the Bee" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Jessica Gao Justin Nichols November 14, 2009
When she gets a "bee-merit" for dropping boxes of taffy on the ground, Bessie feels that being good is pointless if you can't be perfect, giving Portia and Gwen a chance to get her to do something really bad.
25b 5b "Hive of Darkness" Erik Wiese & Alex Kirwan Jessica Gao, Brendan Hay, & Cynthia True Aaron Paetz January 16, 2010
Bessie raises a beehive in order to earn a beekeeping badge, but when she decides to move on after she earns it, the bees are determined not to lose "Queen Bessie" so easily.
26a 6a "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Chaffin Chris Graham & Fred Gonzales November 14, 2009
Bessie has to watch over Millie's pet turtle, Chester Turtleton, for several days. At first, it seems that Mr. Turtleton doesn't fit in with Bessie's lifestyle but when Millie returns to claim Mr. Turtleton, he doesn't seem ready to give his up new life. Final Appearance: Chester Turtleton
26b 6b "A Pirate's Life for B!" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Mike Mullen & David Gemmill November 14, 2009
Bessie and Happy play pirates and find a huge clump of gold.
27a 7a "Awww-esome!" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Cynthia True Katie Rice January 2, 2010
Bessie becomes irritated when she is unable to watch "Puppy Net".
27b 7b "Dogcatcher in the Rye" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Brendan Hay Aaron Paetz January 2, 2010
Bessie decides to run for the office of city dogcatcher.
28a 8a "Rinx!" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Justin Nichols November 6, 2010
Bessie and Happy play jinx which results in Happy getting thrown into the dog shelter by Hal the dogcatcher.

Final Appearances: Hal

28b 8b "Sleepless in San Francisco" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Brendan Hay Katie Rice, Kirk Hanson & David Gemmill November 6, 2010
Bessie sets out to prove that the boogeyman is not under Ben's bed.
29a 9a "Finger Pickin' Bad" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Cynthia True, Jessica Gao & Brendan Hay Sunil Hall November 13, 2010
When Finger makes a new friend, Bessie is forced spend time with Ronnie.

Final Appearances: Finger and Ronnie

29b 9b "Higgenbottom's 7" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Howie Perry November 13, 2010
Bessie with the help of Happy, Finger, Ben, Millie, Hippie and Penny retrieve Bessie's dollar with got stuck in a vending machine.
30a 10a "It's B's Party" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Katie Rice November 20, 2010
Bessie searches her friends and family so they can throw her a surprise party.

Final Appearances: Donald Note: During the end credits and on iTunes, this episode is listed as "It's B's Party and She'll Cry if She wants to."

30b 10b "B-Chip" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Julia Miranda Aaron Paetz November 20, 2010[5]
Bessie takes Happy to get an identity chip.[5]
31a 11a "Old Bee and the Sea" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Brendan Hay Aaron Paetz November 29, 2010
Penny gets kidnapped by a mob of gangster fish while on a fishing trip with the honeybees.
31b 11b "One Million Years Bee.C." Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Cynthia True, Jessica Gao & Brendan Hay Steve L'Couilliard & Justin Nichols November 29, 2010
Bessie and Happy go back to the time of the dinosaurs when she, Penny and Happy find a dinosaur bone and Bessie accidentally insults them which results in her getting chased by them when she accidentally teleports them back to her time.
32a 12a "The Bone Identity" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao, Brendan Hay & Cynthia True Justin Nichols November 30, 2010
Happy receives a mysterious note regarding the missing half of his right ear.
32b 12b "Grumpy Old Bees" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Brendan Hay Sunil Hall November 30, 2010
Bessie befriends an elderly ex-bee who then becomes obsessed with taking her sock hop badge because she didn't earn one as a kid.
33a 13a "Children of the Unicorn" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Brendan Hay Justin Nichols December 1, 2010
Bessie and Gwen set out to prove that unicorns really exist.
33b 13b "My Way or the Bee Way" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Brendan Hay Ed Baker December 1, 2010
Bessie adopts a weed-strewn stretch of highway and makes it a popular road, but later, Portia makes het own and it becomes a competition to see who can get the most customers.
34-35 14-15 "O Brother, What Art Thou" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Brendan Hay Katie Rice, Kirk Hanson & Frank Molieri December 2, 2010
When Ben mistakenly thinks that Bessie is making Happy her sidekick, he decides to become her nemesis, but after resolving their issues they must team up to stop Mr. Pants, who framed Bessie by messing with the Honeybees precious items. And Bessie gets suspended from the Honeybee activities

Final Appearances: Mr. Pants 30-minute episode

36 16 "Gorillas in the Midst" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Brendan Hay Sunil Hall, Howie Perry, Eddie Trigueros & Dave Thomas May 15, 2011
Bessie poses as a gorilla scout and Ben poses as Bessie as a Honeybee, but Ben gets too swept up in this role.
37a 17a "Space Evaders" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Jessica Gao, Brendan Hay & Cynthia True Howie Perry & Eddie Trigueros May 22, 2011
Happy launches himself and Bessie into outer space to avoid getting a flea dip.
37b 17b "YiPs" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Jessica Gao Miles Thompson, Aaron Paetz & Eddie Trigueros May 22, 2011
Bessie and Happy go on a police ride-along.
38a 18a "Public Enembee" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Matt Whitlock & Eddie Trigueros May 29, 2011
Bessie accidentally trips the fire alarm during Fire Safety Week.
38b 18b "Bang the Drum Timely" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Howie Perry & Sunil Hall May 29, 2011
Bessie must write jokes in order to earn her Stand-up Comedy badge.

Final Appearances: Mrs. Gibbons

39a 19a "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Sunil Hall June 5, 2011
Happy, Hippie and Ben form a Gentlemen's club and Bessie wants to join.

Final Appearances: Anton St. German

39b 19b "Irritable Bowling Syndrome" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Jessica Gao & Brendan Hay Chris Reccardi & Justin Nichols June 5, 2011
Bessie is haunted by her inability to get a strike while bowling.

Final Appearances: Millie

40a 20a "Bess-E" Erik Wiese & Eddie Trigueros Jessica Gao Chris Reccardi & Eddie Trigueros June 12, 2011
Bessie starts to believe that she is a robot.

Final Appearances: Ben, Portia and Gwen

40b 20b "C'mon Get Happy!" Erik Wiese & Bill Wray Jessica Gao, Brendan Hay & Cynthia True Howie Perry June 12, 2011
Bessie and Happy plan to celebrate the anniversary of becoming best friends. Series Finale

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