Noggin Original
Former type Division of Nickelodeon
Type Production arm
Industry Television production

Television syndication

Predecessor Nick Jr. Productions
Founded February 2, 1999; 18 years ago
Owner Viacom
Parent Nickelodeon

List of Noggin Original ShowsEdit

Title Years Co-production with
Sponk! 2001–2002 Insight Productions

Sesame Workshop

Play with Me Sesame 2002–2007 Sesame Workshop
Tweenies 2003–2006 Tell-Tale Productions
Miffy and Friends 2003–2007
Oobi 2003–2005 Little Airplane Productions
Connie the Cow 2003–2007 Neptuno Films
Jack's Big Music Show 2005–2008 Spiffy Pictures

Pinky Dinky Doo


Abrams Gentile Entertainment

Keyframe Digital

AFN Family

Sesame Workshop

The Upside Down Show 2006–2007 Blink Films

Sesame Workshop

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